Simple Physiotherapy For Elderly

At Avenue Medihome, we believe in empowering our beloved residents to lead active and fulfilling lives. Here's Ben, our skilled physiotherapist, here to guide you through simple and effective physiotherapy exercises tailored for seniors. 🏋️‍️

Aromatherapy Massage For Elderly

Experience the Joy of Mini Snooker!

Introducing our new Mini Snooker Activity - a delightful way for our elderly to bond, have fun, and stay mentally sharp. Watch our beloved residents playing snooker in a cozy and welcoming environment. Let the good times roll!

Activity of The Day : Playing Golf

A day filled with joy and laughter as our beloved elderly residents indulged in a delightful game of golf at our nursing home. "Swish~!", some of them even managed to send the ball straight to the hole! It's ONE-IN-A-HOLE! Our residents embraced the joy of the moment, proving that age is just a number when it comes to having fun and creating cherished memories.

Avenue Medihome Care Centre - Nursing Home In Penang

Are you having trouble deciding which nursing home suits your elderly loved ones the best? Here's why Avenue Medihome Care Centre is your perfect choice. Avenue Medihome (AMH) is a perfect home away from home. We provide the best nursing care to our residents. "A Place Where Quality Of Life Counts"

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