A Place Where Quality Of Life Counts

Avenue Medihome Care Centre (M) PLT is a Penang Professional Nursing Home founded in December 2015 by a nursing manager and an experienced senior nurse. We want to build a home filled with GREAT LOVE and CARE for our residents and a place where our residents can mingle around with others and a place called home.

Avenue Medihome Care Centre (M) PLT provides our residents with flexible care packages & services and the utmost professionalism. Our experienced and well-trained caregivers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide quality care services for our residents. Besides, we have visiting doctor to ensure that residents will be able to get health advice and treatment plans.

Avenue Medihome Care Centre (M) PLT endeavors to provide the necessary support to ensure that quality care is given with compassion, dignity, and respect at all times. we always listen to and honor our residents’ needs. We tailor our care plan based on the individual needs of our residents to ensure that they can get the best available quality of life and making them feel at home.

Avenue Medihome Care Centre (M) PLT is always filled with joy and happiness. There are various engaging activities and family events are available to support our residents. The activities can help our residents have a better state of mind, encourage socialization and ensure the residents enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Family events can also help to strengthen the bond between the residents and their family members.

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